Fears are only there to make you stronger

My Plans

This semester is over in one week and then it will finally be SUMMER BREAK!!! I have a lot of plans for this summer. I am going to be switching rooms with my little sisters, which requires me to also paint a mermaid mural on the wall. The girls want mermaids, so I shall give them mermaids. I am also  going to be visiting family and friends. I am going to be writing my fanfiction and my book. I will also start to paint this summer. I am feeling very creative. The most awesome thing I am doing this summer, is working on completing items on my bucket list. My friend, Jenny, has decided that we will complete things on our lists together. YAY!! I have a couple things done, but I cant wait to do more. Even if a lot of them terrify me, that’s why they’re on the list, so I shall do them.


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