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Tardis Bag!

I spent the past two weeks making a Tardis bag. I wanted one, but couldnt find one to buy, so I decided to make one. I have fallen completely in love with Doctor Who, lately. I am turning into such a fangirl, but I love it. So here is my Tardis bag. 🙂



Now that it is summer, I will be writing my fanfiction more. I plan on adding one more chapter to my story  “What Just Happened?” and I am also going to reupload a chapter to fix a mistake I made in my story “Not Quite Right”. I am hoping to finish my story “Relatively Speaking” as well. I will hopefully start posting Monday or Teusday.

Cats Purr.

So, I was just sitting in my room petting my cat, Ginger, when I thought “Why do cats purr?”

I mean dogs don’t purr, so why do cats? Is it just because they are happy?

My cat purrs all the time. So, is she just always happy or is her purr-er broken? Can cats even break their purr-er?

Okay, now I have more questions than answers and I’m rambling. I’m going to shut up now.

-Love A Skoner

About Me.

It is very difficult for me explain myself to anyone who doesn’t already know me. I am uncomfortable around people I don’t know. It takes me a while to warm up to people enough to talk to them and let them know who I really am.

Once I get to know them, they begin to see me as a fun, upbeat, and semi-odd person. I love to laugh and goof off. I’m extremely sarcastic and witty. I love to read and write.

I currently write FanFiction, for Twilight and The Stephanie Plum Series. Go check them out here–>  http://www.fanfiction.net/~loveaskoner

I am in the process of writing my own book. 🙂

 This is ME! 😀

-Love A Skoner