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Tardis Bag!

I spent the past two weeks making a Tardis bag. I wanted one, but couldnt find one to buy, so I decided to make one. I have fallen completely in love with Doctor Who, lately. I am turning into such a fangirl, but I love it. So here is my Tardis bag. 🙂



Now that it is summer, I will be writing my fanfiction more. I plan on adding one more chapter to my story  “What Just Happened?” and I am also going to reupload a chapter to fix a mistake I made in my story “Not Quite Right”. I am hoping to finish my story “Relatively Speaking” as well. I will hopefully start posting Monday or Teusday.


There are probably people who are wondering what a skoner is. They are probably thinking….What the hell is a skoner??

Well, a skoner is a mix between a skater and a stoner. It is a word me and my aunt made up to describe this guy I had a crush on.

-Love A Skoner